About us


Haikal Pratama C.ht M.ht

Masters in Metaphysics, Aura Experts, Masters in Hypnosis, Masters in Reiki, and Parapsychologist Practitioners. Born and raised from a rich Dayak family that made me thick with the mystical world. I master the science of dayak and laduni. Likewise, the title of Grandmaster Metaphysics that I can prove is professional.

Metaphysical science can be used in various ways such as luring the hearts of others, giving peace of mind, inheritance, self-protection, witchcraft, pellets and others. Especially you who want to know your future. We master tarot science that can read your future with occult help. Don't worry, we do it wholeheartedly and real, not just promises. Overcome your complaints with satisfying and guaranteed results. Consult us as one of your efforts.